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"Help! I can't say No!"


This free online course teaches you how to live an authentic life without feeling guilty or selfish.  Get the results you want by saying "no" in a way that feels good for everyone involved.

Course Benefits

Delay the temptation to say "yes" by learning how to say "no." The pressure of saying "yes" when you want "no" may be causing  unsafe levels of stress. "No, I can't go with you." "No, I can't help with that project." "No" is a powerful word, but too many times we don't use it at all because we feel guilty for resisting someone else's desire for our time and energy.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Identify what boundaries mean to you to become more honest and authentic.

Learn How To Say NO!

Prioritize your "wants" and "have to's," by eliminating things or events you want to erase.

Guilt-Free Happiness

Enjoy your freedom from people pleasing and not being able to say "No!"

You're Not Broken

Shifting from Fear and Anxiety to


Every day, women are summoning the courage to speak out about their past sexual assault, or abuse; no longer keeping these secrets.  Many feel broken beyond repair and hopeless.  With deep feelings of honor, I share the real-life stories of several therapy clients, with permission.  I also tell my own story.  

Collectively, our stories reflect a common theme of how we find ourselves drowning in the dark, murky waters of secrecy, shame, anxiety, depression, worthlessness, victim mentality, and hopelessness. Through our personal work, we ultimately transition into the warm, restorative waters of grit, strength, confidence, joy, health, hope, faith, having dreams and living them to the fullest! We will not be broken!  We will never again be silent. Not ever!

Those who walk through the pages with us, soon realize that the pursuit of happiness and wholeness is not out of reach, following any type of abuse.  In fact, as I profoundly state, my past and my healing are my superpowers!  By pulling the weeds of many unhealthy patterns that disrupted our adult lives, we now see our lives and dreams blooming magnificently! And the same can happen for you!

You're Not Broken:  Shifting from Fear & Anxiety to Strength & Empowerment is a beautiful, heartfelt work.  I am grateful for the courage and strength the women have shown to willingly share their personal stories of trauma and abuse that resonate with many of us as we continue on our own healing journeys.  Her book reminds us that we are not stuck and trapped in our pain and anxieties forever, and that healing is possible for all of us.  You can tell that Cindy genuinely, deeply cares about helping people through their pain and journey in healing.  There are so many women that will benefit from reading this, seeing that it's okay to feel your feelings and move through them, all while remembering there is hope for you yet for a happier, more empowered life.


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About The Author & Course Teacher, Cindy Jesse

Cindy Jesse, LISW, MSW, is a fierce supporter and enthusiast of all women. Cindy’s passion is to help women break out of their past pain patterns, and to see who they are in the fullness of their personal greatness and light, through her private practice. She and her husband currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves being at the ocean’s side as much as possible as water is her calm.  She loves writing, teaching, coaching and creating relevant online courses to help people to develop personal life mastery.

Learn how to set boundaries and say "no!"

This course will teach you how to live an authentic and guilt-free life. Learn to say "no" with confidence and clarification so everybody wins!